Members “Log in” area Members are required to participate in one study module each year.   Our “on going” educational material is extracted from viable sources  as determined by our committee:  ABYC manuals and other sources including New Information and vessel construction techniques and advances as provided by the experiences of our members.   The download page is always under construction, so if you can not retrieve a subject, email your request to our office and we will get the information to you.   Study and informational reference material material may be downloaded for review at any time. You will need to log in with your password to view or download this material. If you do not have your password, email your password request to   Available topics include, but are not limited to:   Shipping container certification,  U.S. Government container inspection protocol Ammo and Explosives container inspections,   Exhaust systems for propulsion and auxiliary engines, Marine Compressed Natural Gas  (CNG) Systems,  Cathodic Protection,    Storage Batteries,  Battery Chargers and Inverters,  Galvanic Isolators,  (AC) Generator Sets,  Bilge Pump Systems, Electric,  Ventilation of Diesel Boats, Marine survey report criteria which has been suggested by the industry,  and much, much more!! If you study this material and have questions, please forward  your questions to us for clarification. To log in with your password click “Log In”
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